Snow is Glistening, a Beautiful Sight, but I am NOT Happy Tonight


I should love winter. I work at a ski resort and I love to ski and snowboard. Snow is my favorite thing other than Christmas trees

But my winter is filled with horrible memories of every single one of my abusive exes.. I’m reminded of our good times and our bad. I’m reminded of being raped and sexually assaulted.

I fucking hate winter.

Please Repost, Share, and/or Donate.

Hello everyone, so some of you might know that I love to ski. I probably love to ski so much because my parents own two ski resorts, one of them used to be a lovely place called Ski Denton (located in a small town in PA.) Recently the past two winters have not been very good for the ski business, causing Denton to have to close down for the upcoming season (and possibly forever.)

Here’s the problem. It was my home. This is where I grew up and where I learned to ski. There were seasons where I was there every single day that it was open (and even some that it wasn’t.) So this hits me hard, even though I haven’t seen a lot of the people there or been skiing there lately, it still is a place I hold very dear. This is everything to me, and I know it means even more to the locals.

That’s another thing as to why Ski Denton is so important, the locals. This place is one of the few things that my hometown used to have. It’s a small place, where the most exciting thing to do in the summer is swim, and the only thing to do in the winter is ski. Our (their, I don’t live there, but its still mine..) town is crumbling. We’ve had so many bad things happen to us (look up the John Rigas/Adelphia scandal.) There’s not many things for the kids to do in the surrounding area, so Denton means a lot to people.

Not only does it mean something to people, but it’s also a substantial part of the area. In the summer two archery festivals are run, which means people from everywhere come and stay in the area (people come from Alaska.) Coming from so far away they need to stay in hotels, and they go out to eat at resteraunts. The money that is brought in by people visiting the ski area actually helps keep local businesses going.

This is where I made my best friends. This is where I have my favorite memories. Please help it stay up in running. Please do anything to help. Share it, reblog it, donate. Please. Just look at the link below… and visit the page to see how much it’s hurting people.

Anything helps. Please.

Save our Resort!