Some people have monsters deep inside
for some they aren’t that deep
Some people keep them locked inside
and others let them free

Where did the come from…
are we born with them?
Maybe we created them…
or maybe others created them in us

I’d like to think my monsters aren’t my fault
but I think I know… at least a few are
I’d like to think that when they escape, it’s not my fault
but I know… and I know, this time for sure, it is

And the worst kind of monster is the one who lets them escape

-Mahogany Etchings

Why Be Day When You Could Be the Night?

Why Be Day When You Could Be The Night?

Why be day?
When you could be the night.
Next to the dark allure
the golden glow is nothing.
Dark velvet you could almost feel
calling your name
mysterious whispers beckoning you.
Beckoning you to the diamond-littered place above.
When the monsters come out
and the average hide
a place for the bold
Why be day?
When you could be the night.


Pretty Faces

Pretty Faces

Pretty faces passing by
Staring at me as I look down
I’m ashamed of who and what I am
Everything I’ve become

The voices in my head scream
They won’t stop shouting
Worthless, disgusting, terrible
Their voices pounding

I don’t want to believe them
I don’t want it to be true
But I know it is
I know that’s who I am

On the bathroom floor
Shaking and shuddering
I’m gasping for air
How have I become this person?

I envy them
Those with the pretty faces
They can look up without a care
Unashamed with their being