Stop Hurting Me

Get out, get out

Get out of my head

Leave me be

Baby please

Just leave me be…

Seriously, I just finally got over you, and now you decide it’s a good idea to start texting me? Starting conversations and acting flirty… and then shooting me down. Why do you think it’s a good idea to lead me on then act rude to me.

Stop hurting me.

You know you’re bringing up old feelings. You know how the words you say affect me.  So please…

Stop hurting me.

I’m not strong enough. I always thought I was strong… But I’m not. I’m really not… At least when it comes to you.

Yes I admit it, I’d fall back into your arms the moment you asked… But you hurt me, and it would be wrong to. So can’t you just please leave me be.

Stop making me feel like I’m not enough. Stop making me feel like I need you. Stop making me feel weak. Stop breaking my heart. Stop leading me on. Stop crushing me. Stop treating me like this.

Stop hurting me…