Favorite Posts

The Divergent Rape Scene and Why it Matters – Beth Lalonde

Divergent marks the first time I have ever seen a teenage girl articulate, in no uncertain terms, that her body belongs to her. That she gets to decide who touches it, and how, and when. That her yes and her no are final, and unambiguous, and worthy of respect. Divergent is important.

The Old Girl’s Funeral – Andrea Levendusky

When every grocery store, every highway, every store reminds you of the person you used to be, it starts to feel a bit like attending your own funeral.

When I Called God a Cheat and Ran Off with a Married Man – Andrea Levendusky.

I find comfort in the dust and remember that after the worst of the worst, and all of the beauty withered away, He didn’t say — Now comes the hard part. He said, It Is Finished.

This is one of my absolute favorites, and I’ve reread it many times, and every time it has brought me to tears.  This is a three part story, the links to the other two parts can be found here and here.

When We Sacrifice a Girl’s Innocence – Nate Pyle

How can a girl keep her innocence when we tell her she is dangerous? How can she feel innocent when her sexuality is directly linked to the danger in the world? The message we send to our girls and women is, “The world is not safe for you because of you.”

When Grace Ceases to be Grace – Nate Pyle

Grace is the father who invites us, and waits for us, to come into the party and eat of the fatted calf. Grace is the shepherd who invites his neighbors to celebrate the found lamb. Grace is the woman who wants to rejoice with everyone over a found coin.

Disunity in Reading the Same Bible – Nate Pyle

Our disunity doesn’t exist because some value the Bible more than others. That’s the great fallacy. No, the disunity comes because we read and interpret the Bible differently. Everyone – everyone – picks and chooses which parts they will emphasize. Which means that differing interpretations will always exist.

Your Story is Worth Finishing – Luke Harms

The world is full of people who’ve been to those dark places but who came out the other side and discovered a better way to take control: by re-writing their own stories.

In Defense of the 4-Letter Word –  Addie Zierman

I think that the curse words themselves are not actually the problem. It’s our misuse of them. It’s the way we overuse them, throw them away. It’s the way we lob them angrily at one another like grenades. We do this over and over, and we turn them into blunted, powerless things. And that, most of all, is the problem.

What Really Frustrates Me About the Gay Marriage Debate Is… – Zack Hunt

It seems strange that a people who call themselves Christians would spend so much time fighting about issues Jesus rarely if ever even talked about, and yet will all but ignore the people and situations where he spent most of his time.

Marriage Isn’t For You  – Seth Adam Smith

Perhaps each of us have moments in our lives when it feels like time slows down or the air becomes still and everything around us seems to draw in, marking that moment as one we will never forget.

It Matters Whom You Marry – Rebecca VanDoodewaard

Listen up: who you marry matters. You might think that the way he treats you isn’t so bad. It’s not going to get better after the wedding. You might think that he’ll change. It’s possible, but most don’t. You might think that you’ll be able to minister to him and help him. Possibly, but if you can’t now, you won’t then.

Confusion of Thoughts and Feelings – Silver Prophet

Without any warning or sign. We’re left without any answers. And that someone else is next in line. It’s not fair that one has to go so soon. So sudden. I can’t deal with this pain. I’m not strong enough The anger that i feel is all bottled up I have no way to let it all out. So help me, escape my feelings Help me escape my thoughts.

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