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I’m an eighteen year old girl with a ton to say. I’m passionate and fiery which fits my red hair and green eyes. I graduated high school at sixteen, and I adore college. My goal in life is to work with mentally disabled children although I am currently an Adolescent Education and English double major, meaning I wanted to teach English to high school students… Now my goals have changed.

My favorite colors are purple and grey, which I don’t know why any of you would care, but who knows, it could be important. Emmie, the other writer on this blog is one of my best friends. She’s absolutely fantastic and I can’t stress how absolutely lost I would be without her. She and I used to live in the same town, but when we were younger she moved away, and then later I moved away from our hometown too. Our friendship never died though. She’s someone I can always trust, and always connect to. She’s my oldest friend, and honestly? She’s my rock.

I’ve been through a lot in my life. I like to think I’m strong but maybe I’m not. I’m still figuring out the best way to be strong. Some theses experiences you might see here on my blog, and some I keep to myself. If you want to know anything just ask, I’m willing to talk but not always so willing to put my whole life on public viewing.

I’m a writer and dreamer. Most of what I write are rants and raves about things I’m passionate about. I also post poetry and stories that I write. This is a way for me to get everything out. Sometimes I want to entertain, and sometimes I want to vent. Whatever the reason, this is my escape. Feel free to ask me questions or request that I write about something.

For any of my personal friends who see this blog-feel honored. You’re either incredibly good at stalking or I felt comfortable enough with letting you see who I really am.

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One thought on “About

  1. Dearest Bethany,
    I have just the last hour or so scrolling through what seems like painful memories. Now I have no idea if this will get to you. Alas, I hope it does. I would very much adore to get in contact with you. My name is Cass, I’m 21 from Australia. I’m a writer, wannabe-gonnabe author. I’ve spent weeks upon weeks searching for a certain, well there is no word for it. I’m currently writing a book, based on a young girl with, damned near almost the same feelings as yours. I wish so dearly to pick your brain about such things, if you wish it. I’ve been searching for too long for feelings as true as yours. As a man, I’m not sure I can imagine what a girl goes through after what you’ve spoken of, nor should I try. So, if you feel like helping a fellow writer, write about a young girl who so dearly needs to be written. Please, email me, csmiller@outlook.com.au


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