One Year Ago Today

One year ago today…

My world crashed down on me, and I thought I wasn’t good enough. I thought I was going to be alone. I hated myself more than I have before and I wanted to die.

All because my rapist got married.


I’m looking at my life and I love myself and who I’ve become. So today I’d like to thank my rapist – because I’m ten times stronger because of the hell I’ve been through. I hate him for hurting me, I do, but I love him as a Christian. It hurts to see him preach in front of a congregation. It kills. But I’m more compassionate because of him.

One year hurts, but makes me thankful.



So my mom is nice and bitchy, and likes to invade my privacy and read this blog after promising she won’t. Yay! 

So I’ll probably be deleting the whole blog and all my tumblr accounts so that’s cool. Thanks mom. Also thanks for never being able to admit you are wrong! Thanks for never apologizing. Such a great role model you are.