I’m Burning From The Inside Out

Well, today I had a CT scan and I don’t believe I’ve ever had IV contrast before. 
They made me drink super gross stuff (featured above.) It was quite awful actually. I had to drink all of it before the scan and I could hardly even sip it without puking but I got it done. 

Then we went to get my scan. Don’t know why I didn’t realize id actually be getting an IV put in but yeah. Needles freak me out. I don’t know if I’ve had an IV since I was older? But that was interesting. Then for the scan. Meh, that was fine except my IV kept moving around. THEN CAME THE BAD PART. THEY ACTUALLY INJECTED ME WITH THE CONTRAST. It burned going in. Then when they put me back through the scanner is when it really started. I started getting hot flashes from the head down. 

My whole body was warm and tingly and I felt like I was burning up from the inside out. Worst part though? It totally makes you feel like you’re peeing your pants.

For the record I didn’t pee my pants. 

But anyways that was interesting experience I never want to relive. 

Especially as now my whole arm is sore. Blech. Now, time for bed. Oh lanta. 


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