Tummy Why Are You So Sad?

My stomach is killing me. I was up late last night feeling like I was going to puke and having trouble sleeping and it’s the same today. It’s killing me. I’m dead. Bye.

Honestly though this medication is really getting on my nerves and I’m not looking forward to taking it for the rest of my life, let alone upping the dosage. I’m interested to see if I actually do lose weight though. Imagine if I actually did – would I love myself more?

The concept of weight and body image in our culture is certainly interesting…and depressing. Really, we have such ridiculous beauty standards.

Enough of that, I’m a little sick of thinking of my weight and stuff. In other news I’m getting a CAT scan on Tuesday to see if we can figure out my abnormal pain. Not looking forward to that or the crap I’m going to get because I have to be driven there.

Honestly I’m so sick of my mom right now. I’m trying really hard to not be irritated with her all the time or to be bitter or act like a brat.. but I’m exhausted with the fact that she won’t apologize ever and that she thinks it’s totally okay to yell at me, be rude to me, say nasty things and so on, but yet condemns me for the very same things and expects me to apologize. Whatever happened to leading by example?

There’s my rant for the day.


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