I Love You for Your Screw You

Alright everybody, hold up, it’s bragging time.

Who am I bragging about? This fantastic girl named Liv. Liv is a wonderful person I met at college… not through friends or any of that, but through…dare I say it.. Yik Yak.

She and I became instant friends even though honestly? She had no reason to like me. She had heard horrible things about me. She didn’t know me. She didn’t have to meet with me that night. But she did… she heard me… she listened to me… she believed me.

She has been the one to push me to advocate for myself. To be stronger. To be better.

The reason I’m really posting this is because her ability to never stop making me feel wonderful and loved is incredible. Recently she got a blog and posted a blurb called “Screw You” which called out the nasty people in her life (not by name, just by action) and proved just how strong she is. It went like this:


To the person who told me I smile too big–Screw you. My smile might be big but at least it’s genuine.

To the person who made me insecure about my body–Screw you.  I hate my body, but you don’t have to tell me more about why I should hate it.

It went on like this – continually showing exactly how strong she is and giving a big fuck you to those who tried to bring her down.

But the end, I bawled.

To the person that sexually assaulted/harassed, and emotionally and mentally abused one of the best friends I’ve ever had–Screw you.  You’ll get yours eventually.

Against all odds we became friends and she believed me. She has been the strongest advocate for me, even against myself. But to see that she believed me and supported me in writing… broke me in the most beautiful way.

So thanks, I love you for your screw you. I love you for being loyal, ridiculous, crazy, adventerous, strong, willful, intelligent, but most of all for just being you, no matter what.


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