Least Favorite Picture on the Internet and Why

This is really one of my least favorite picture circling the web right now because it minimizes the real issues.
One problem with this is that surprise, we don’t do a good job of supporting women to go into the STEM careers… And yes, there are studies on this.
In addition to this there are also new studies coming out looking at how wages change based on if they are male or female dominated jobs. For example, women dominated the computer programming field originally but then when men began to overtake the field, the wages spiked. In comparison, camp administration, working in parks, designing, and housekeeping were originally male dominated, then when women overtook the wages dropped majorly (some by like 50%)
Now some of this could be totally unrelated to gender but its still a valuable thing to look into as well as how women and girls are not fully encouraged to go into STEM fields… (And those who are in there may not exactly be treated the same..like the studies that came out that showed biases in men against women.) Oh! and I think women hold a very high degree rate (high fifties) in STEM degrees but hold a low amount of jobs within STEM careers. Some of this can be attributed to the hiring process, where yes, there is a gender bias that has been found through study..
Is everything a gender bias and sexist? Naw. Is feminist dance therapy probably a bad career choice? Maybe. I mean unless there’s openings for that or something… Either way do what you love. BUT I still think we need to be looking at the facts. There IS a gender bias within the STEM fields and it’s been proven. Seriously, a lot of jobs are given to people who have names that are viewed as masculine over names that sound feminine – this is with the exact same resume. There IS a lack of encouragement for women/girls to join these majors even from a young age.. That’s been proven too.. So it’s a much bigger issue than what this tweet implies.

So yeah, I have an issue with this tweet and how people think it’s a simple solution.

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