115,200 Deaths Hoax


This is extremely misleading and it saddens me that the original poster was so misinformed or had the intent to purposefully twist the numbers and day.
Nov. 13th, Paris – 129
Nov. 13th, Japan – Does not seem to have any casualties.
Nov. 12th, Beirut – 43
Nov. 13th, Baghdad – 26
Oct. 23rd, Mexico – 6 (I’m not 100% sure on what this post is trying to refer to with Mexico so I did some digging.)
The last hashtag is a completely different matter. Lebanon is the country of which Beirut is the capital of. So yes we should pray for Lebanon, but it almost seems like the original poster was trying to make more incidents than there were?
Anyways these numbers do not equal anywhere close to 115,200. I feel like it’s a sad thing when numbers get twisted and messed with because it belittles the mourning that have truthfully been taken.
That being said, warn your friends who have been sharing this around. This is why fact checking is important.

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