The Truth We Don’t Want to Admit

“It’s who we are, Doesn’t matter if we’ve gone too far, Doesn’t matter if it’s all okay.”

Those are lyrics from one of my favorite songs. I think it speaks volumes. See I was reading this book, actually several books but I’m just gonna reference the one. One of the sections of the book says this, “But I think he knew in the end it wouldn’t be the lucky ones left standing. It would be the hardcore. The ones who tell Lady Luck to go screw herself. The ones with hearts of stone. The ones who could let a hundred die so one might live. The ones who see the wisdom in torching a village in order to save it.” Now let me explain a little about the. It’s set in a post-apocalyptic world, so not everything in this text is relevant to things today. But I think one thing in there is very relevant. The part where it says, The ones who could let a hundred die so one might live. I think nowadays people are always focused on appearing good, so good in fact that they lie to make themselves look that way. I find that ironic. Anyway, the truth about humanity is that while we can be good, we can also be bad. We live in a grey area kind of world. Now to get to the reason I started this post. I was talking to a friend the other day and we got on the subject of what we would do to protect those we love. She said that, though she loved them, one person is never more important than a thousand. I said that to me, that one person is more important than a million. We’ve always differed in this way. But it made me think. How many people would sacrifice a million people to say just one, the one they loved more than those million people. I think a lot more people than you’d think. Because it’s human nature. It’s human nature to want to save that one person, simply because you love them and you don’t want to lose them. It’s selfish and maybe it’s wrong, but it’s the truth.  And I think that people need to stop pretending that they don’t feel this way. Let me give an example, think of that one person, that one person you love more than anything or anyone. Okay, now imagine that someone comes and takes that person. You’re frantic right? They’re gone and you have to find them! Now say that the person who took them away from you comes for you. That person takes you to a warehouse where the one you love is standing beside someone you don’t even know, a complete stranger. You’re confused right? Now say that the person who took them tells you to make a choice. You can save the stranger, the one that’s crying for someone they love to find them and save them, or you can save the one you love. What would you choose? My bet’s on the one you love. While you were thinking about that you probably weren’t even thinking about the stranger, whoever that might be, or the people that would miss them. Because that’s all they are to you, a stranger. They don’t mean anything to you, at least not like the one you love. So in the end there was no competition, right? You would always choose the one you love. That’s the truth we don’t want to admit.

~ Emerald

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