The End and the Beginning

Today is the day; last night I finished staff training. As I sat by the dying embers of our celebratory fire for the end of training, I was hit with the realization – I’m not ready.

I’m not ready to be a leader for a week. I’m not ready to be in this position.

I’m a camp counselor at a Lutheran summer camp and tomorrow I get my first camper. I’ve worked at Christian summer camps before, but not one like this. I’ve had campers before, but never have I been so scared.

In two hours and thirty minutes I will meet “J.” Now I’ve heard J is a sweet woman, but she’s part of our disabled camp program. J has moderate ID, Taybi Syndrome, and Cerebral Palsy; she’s not a particularly hard person to understand or work with, but this is definitely new for me.

I’m scared and excited. I’m scared I might offend her because I know I have a tendency to talk to the disabled like they are younger. I’m working on it but I’m still horrible at making sure I don’t. I’m scared because what if I teach her the faith wrong. I’m not Lutheran. I don’t believe everything the Lutherans here do… I don’t even know where everything is on campus yet, how am I supposed to lead?

I’m excited to, I’ve heard this is one of the best weeks, but I’m terrified. She likes dancing though. I hope I can do this.

Two hours and thirty minutes till I meet J.

Wish me luck,


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