American Pride

I was watching this video tonight of a little boy who stood on a beach for an hour and a half, until he physically couldn’t stand anymore, to salute the soldiers who died that day and honor their memory. I’m not gonna lie, I actually cried while watching this video. At first I didn’t know why. It’s not a sad story, in fact it’s quite encouraging. But I think I understand now. With so many people these days dishonoring our country, stomping on the flag, and dishonoring the memories of the soldiers who have given up their lives for those people to do such things, it’s nice to see someone so young have so much pride in his country. It’s nice to see him honoring those men and women, not shaming them like so many people today. That little boy has more American pride than most adults I know. And while it’s a nice thing, it’s also sad. Because so many people in this country don’t deserve the right to disgrace it like they are. I dont think people understand that, by disgracing the flag and the country, you are taking what so many people have sacrificed their lives for and stomping it into the ground, sometimes literally. Those men and women are out there, dying, getting injured, fighting for us. So that we can live free, and they don’t deserve to be disgraced like that. So I salute you little boy, for being what this country should be. You are strong and brave and I wish I could meet you and hug you, but most importantly, thank you for doing what you did that day.

~ Emerald

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