Discrimination against any race

Lately there’s been a lot of talk about racism. More specifically racism against one race. But here’s what I don’t understand, there’s so many other races experiencing racism that no one acknowledges. The true definition of racism is discrimination against any race, person, or thing. Meaning that if you are purposely belittling, shaming, or hurting any person of any race on this planet, you are being racist. Lately people are focused on one race, and while I do understand they’ve had their struggles, they’re not the only ones. What I’m trying to say and what I want people to understand is that, racism isn’t  just against a certain race. If someone of Caucasian is walking down an isle in the store and you make a remark about how “white” they are and purposely shame them, that’s racism. Making fun of Asians and saying they all have to be smart because they’re Asian is racism. No matter what race, even if you’re an alien race, if someone is discriminating against them it’s racism. The reason this gets under my skin so much is because everyone is so focused on the discrimination of one race that they ignore the discrimination of all the others. But that’s not fair. I know that I can’t change people’s views but I wish people would just understand this simple but true fact: racism is discrimination against any race, not just one race.

~ Emerald

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