Ten Year Old Brother Who Is Wiser Than Many

Wise words from my ten year old brother.

“I think gay marriage is okay. It shouldn’t be against the law, it’s not like we are all going to die if a guy and a guy get married.”

Here’s the thing, my ten year old brother is far more accepting of gay marriage than any adult I have ever met. What happened to those adults, that their acceptance just disappeared? That this kid, even though he’s rarely met anyone who was gay, had no problem with it, and yet those adults have met so many wonderful people who are gay…and are still against it. What in the world. My ten year old brother? He is so much wiser than many others who are so much older.


Still scared

This is what I hate. I hate that I’m angry.. But I’m also scared. No matter how angry I get, no matter how much I hate you, I’m still scared of you. You took any innocence I had, except for a tiny piece that I clung onto. That tiny part of me is what’s scared. The rest of me hates you, wants nothing to do with you, but that piece is terrified that the monster you were is still there, under the surface and one wrong move will bring it back out. Its that tiny piece that keeps me from telling anyone, from telling you how I feel. And I hate that. I hate that I’m still scared. I hate you for being the reason I’m scared. I hate it.

~ Emerald