My whole life I’ve had to walk on my tiptoes to avoid hurt. I’ve learned to read people’s expressions, body language, to see if what they said they were feeling was what they were actually feeling. I’ve learned when to speak my mind and when to keep my mouth shut. I observe, I listen, and I make sure that I can always get out safely. I’m damaged, but I’m strong. I know when to push and when to ease up. I know how to lie to protect myself. I didn’t want to become who I am, I was made this way. Years of hurt and fear turned me into the person I am today. Part of me hates my past, wants to forget. The other part is thankful. Because even though I’m damaged, I’m not broken and I know how to avoid hurt. I can control my fear, I can control my emotions, and I can distance myself from things that will only hurt me. I am not the fragile girl I used to be, I’m tough, I’m strong and I will not be broken. Not by him, the one that hurt me, not by others, who continually try. Not by anyone. I control my fate, I control what happens to me. I will not be broken.

~ Emerald

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