Panic Attacks

Most people assume that having a panic attack is nothing. They think the person having one is over exaggerating what it feels like. They’re not. Panic attacks are the scariest thing to ever happen to me. It feels like you’re own body is betraying you. You can’t control or stop it. Of course everyone’s panic attacks can be different. For me, it’s like someone injected me with pure adrenaline. My heart races, my pulse spikes, my body sometimes even begins to shake. I end up pacing back and forth, hyperventilating. It feels like something is under my skin, even though there isn’t anything there. I can’t focus on one thing or another. My thoughts get jumbled into one big panicked mess and I can’t decipher them. It can feel like I’m going to explode sometimes. My panic attacks can last anywhere from 5 minutes to 15 minutes. They sap any bit of energy I have leaving me tired and feeling like my limbs are noodles. They give me migraines. Anything can trigger them. And by anything I mean anything. Anything from a dog barking unexpectedly to something stressful occurring. They’re random and come on quickly. I can’t stop them from happening and I can’t control them when they do. People sometimes say to “just calm down” but I’m going to inform you now, A person having a panic attack cannot simply calm down. In fact, telling them to can sometimes make it that much worse. Panic attacks are awful and terrifying. Panic attacks are not nothing.

~ Emerald

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