Ever Wished That Calvin and Hobbes Creator Bill Watterson Would Return to the Comics Page? Well, He Just Did.

This is incredible.

Pearls Before Swine

Bill Watterson is the Bigfoot of cartooning.

He is legendary. He is reclusive. And like Bigfoot, there is really only one photo of him in existence. 

Few in the cartooning world have ever spoken to him. Even fewer have ever met him.

In fact, legend has it that when Steven Spielberg called to see if he wanted to make a movie, Bill wouldn’t even take the call.

So it was with little hope of success that I set out to try and meet him last April.

I was traveling through Cleveland on a book tour, and I knew that he lived somewhere in the area. I also knew that he was working with Washington Post cartoonist Nick Galifianakis on a book about Cul de Sac cartoonist Richard Thompson’s art.

So I took a shot and wrote to Nick. And Nick in turn wrote to Watterson.

And the meeting…

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It’s wrong.

Tonight my friend was talking to someone she is close to and he proceeded to talk about how he believes that abortion is the mothers choice and if she doesn’t feel like carrying the baby for nine months and then taking care of it, it’s her choice. No, it’s not her choice. It’s not her life she’s ending, it’s not her heartbeat, it’s not her breath, it is not her choice. That baby is alive, it’s alive. It has a heartbeat, doesn’t it? Doesn’t that mean it’s alive? Doesn’t that mean that killing the baby, whether it’s still in her womb or not, is murder? Yeah it does. So why is it okay to kill a living baby but not other people? Why do we get so upset over someone killing someone who’s born and don’t get furious when someone ends the life of someone who hasn’t even gotten the chance to live? Why is it okay to take the choice away from the baby? Do you think anyone, if they could, would say “I’m so thankful you aborted me mom, it saved you from having to take responsibility for your actions!” If you can not grow up and take care of the human being inside then why did you make the mistake of not using protection? It is not the baby’s fault you screwed up. Do not punish the baby for your mistake. If you can not raise the baby, give the baby up for adoption don’t take away it’s life because you are scared. You are the one that messed up, you are the one that put yourself in this position, and if you kill you’re baby because of your mistake then you are the one who deserves to be punished. Abortion is wrong, plain and simple.


~ Emerald