You know what bugs me? Everyone is always saying that they hate being judged by weight, height, looks, clothes or skin color. Yet they put all these stereotypes on other people. If you’re a white girl then you’re considered stupid and a people pleaser, if you’re a white boy you’re a jock or a douchebag, if you’re a black girl you’re ghetto or a “bad bitch”, if you’re a black guy you’re a threat to society or people think you’re in a gang. Why do we have to stereotype? Yes, I’m a white girl but no I’m not a “typical” white girl. Why is it wrong to judge people about weight, height, looks or clothes but it’s not wrong to stereotype and put people in a box without knowing them? I mean how does that even make sense? People need to stop stereotyping. It’s just as wrong as judging people is.

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