Old school

You know what I want? I want an old school romance. I wanna meet a guy the old fashion way, like in a bar or at a concert. I’m tired of all this online dating shit, getting set up by friends ten times before it works. I mean what happened to finding love on your own? The old fashioned way? It seems like you can’t do anything now a days without it being recorded on some social media site. Ninety percent of people meet online now, or on some stupid show to find love. I mean did we really stray that far from the good stuff? Where you met some guy, and you had a connection, and you would hang out, become friends, and have that connection grow? Where you would do cheesy romantic shit for each other because it was sweet and it showed people you cared. I mean do people even tell each other they love each other in person anymore? Or do they just text it to each other? We can’t even show someone we love them in person anymore! It’s so sad. I’m so tired of all this shit. All I want is an old school romance. A true romance. That’s what I want.

~ Emerald

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