14 Year Old Boy (Jordan Nichols aka my friend’s cousin) Writes an Amazing Poem!

Our Generation – Jordan Nichols
Our GenerationHere’s what it reads (just incase you couldn’t see the picture or something.)

Our generation will be known for nothing.
Never will anybody say,
We were the peak of mankind.
That is wrong, the truth is
Our generation was a failure.
Thinking that
We actually succeeded
Is a waste. And we know
Living only for money and power
Is the way to go.
Being loving, respectful, and kind
Is a dumb thing to do.
Forgetting about that time,
Will not be easy, but we will try.
Changing our world for the better
Is something we never did.
Giving up
Was how we handled our problems.
Working hard
Was a joke.
We knew that
People thought we couldn’t come back
That might be true,
Unless we turn things around
(Read from bottom to top now)

So we will go with… My friend’s fourteen year old cousin has suddenly gone viral! I’m quite impressed, however, I’m not impressed with how many people are bashing on him! People are saying he copied this or that it’s plagiarism. Maybe the concepts are similar, but that doesn’t take away from what this boy did. They’re also making rude comments that he might be writing stuff that’s too “deep.” Jordan Nichols, you’re pretty amazing. Keep your head up, keep writing, you’re going places.

Talks With My Brother That Get Me Thinking

I have a question for everyone. Are you letting them use you? You know that person that you like so much, that one person you’d do anything for. Are you allowing them to use you?

Generally people don’t just get used for no reason. Do you think you need them to define your worth? Analyze yourself right now. Who do you like more, yourself, or them? Better yet, who should you like more.

One of those people you have to live with. One of them is permanent. So who do you like more?

Maybe, just maybe, one of them… You’re better living without.


“Modest is Hottest” … Or is That Just a Thought Pushed Onto Us?

There is so much controversy about modesty lately. Girls who dress modestly get laughed at (me personally) and girls who dress “immodestly” get shunned. There is a lot of slut-shaming happening lately, it isn’t right, and the whole issue of modesty is one of the biggest factors in this form of bullying. “Modest is Hottest” although I agree that we shouldn’t show off all of our bodies to everyone, it also isn’t other people’s place to tell girls to not wear what they would like to wear. Girls should not be ashamed of their bodies. God gave us boobs, curves, and butts, so why should we have to hide them? The definition of the word “Modesty” is not the same throughout the world. Some people can’t show their knees, and before in America girls weren’t allowed to wear pants. They showed too much of a girls shape according to society.

For me it depends on why you are showing off all (or most) of your body. A lot of girls dress in revealing clothes because they are insecure and feel like they need to show everything to get a guy to noticed or like them. To me that isn’t okay, but if they’re wearing clothes that look good, because they love their bodies… Props to them! It isn’t our place to tell girls what to or not to wear. Is it a girls fault if a guy’s eyes and minds wander? No, they can’t be blamed for that completely. Parents should teach their sons better.

So many people make it out that a girls body is an “evil” thing. To be covered up and hidden. They aren’t, they are beautiful, wonderful, and amazing things that God gave us. I personally don’t want every guy looking at my boobs or legs, so I’ll save that for those particular people I want to see. To each their own. Should we walk around naked? No, but it shouldn’t be up to other people what we do or don’t wear.

11 Brothers and sisters, do not slander one another. Anyone who speaks against a brother or sister or judges them speaks against the law and judges it. When you judge the law, you are not keeping it, but sitting in judgment on it. 

12 There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the one who is able to save and destroy. But you – who are you to judge your neighbor?

– James 4:11 – 12


Because of you

“I lose my way,
And it’s not too long before you point it out,
I cannot cry,
Because I know that’s weakness in your eyes.”


I’m broken. I know that. You broke me. Do you remember the day it all started? I do. I remember hiding in my room, crying, terrified to show my face. I remember each day after that. Each day it got worse. Each day you came up with a different excuse. I didn’t clean my room, I didn’t take my dish to the sink, I gave you a bad look, I didn’t wake up on time, I didn’t clean up your mess. The list goes on and on. I wasn’t able to have a normal childhood because of you. How could I? I was too scared to do anything that might set you off. Did you know for awhile I blamed myself? If I wasn’t such a screw up, if I didn’t ruin everything I touched, maybe you wouldn’t treat me like you did. But it wasn’t my fault. I was a kid.. I was a kid! Do you remember the day you looked me in the eye and yelled at me not to cry? That crying was a weakness. You told me I wasn’t allowed to cry in the house. You wouldn’t allow it. You told a little kid that crying was bad, that I’d get punished for crying. How is that fair? How was I supposed to know how to control it? Do you know that because of you I still flinch when someone raises their hand towards me? Even if it’s for something as simple as a handshake? Do you know that I still have nightmares because of you? Do you know that if someone comes up behind me and I don’t know it I get a panic attack? No. You probably don’t. I haven’t ever told you that. Do you know that I still get scared when you yell? I can’t control it. It’s a natural reaction for me now. I can’t stop it. She makes excuses for you. She says you can’t help it. She lies for you. Do you know that I’ll always hate her a little bit for that? Do you know that I’ll always hate you for breaking me? For taking away my innocence, for taking every little piece of me away? They say that the past is the past. That you’re not like that anymore. Wanna know what I think? I think you’re the same man you always were and that one day they’re gonna realize it. But me? I’ll be long gone. Do you know that I hate it when you touch me? Even if you just pat my back, or give me a hug, or kiss my cheek. I hate it. It takes everything in me not to yank away each time you touch me. You did this to me. You broke me. And the worst part? You don’t even care. You’re not even sorry. I’m broken because of you, I still can’t get your voice out of my head telling me I’m a failure. I still look at myself in the mirror and hate what I see because of you. You’ll probably never see this, but if you ever do, I want you to know that I hate you. I always will.

~ Emerald