You Are

You are the memory that I’ll keep
the secret in my sleep.
You are the music that I dream
the loudest I’ll ever scream
You are my quietest plea
the only one I see
You are the raindrops on my face
the thought I can’t quite place
You are the sun on my toes
the wonder when it snows
You are the name I can’t forget
the one I won’t regret
You are the whisper on my lips
the awe of the sun’s eclipse
You are the gentleness of a breeze
the reason I’m at ease
You are the stars at night
the reason my heart takes flight
You are the sweet change of season
the most delicious reason
You are the joy on Christmas morning
the reason my brain is storming
You are the peace of the dark
the most electrifying spark
You are the heat of a warm summers day
the only reason that I stay
You are the sparkle in my eye
the beauty of a blue bird sky
You are a fire burning bright
the soft glowing light
You are the thrill of a surprise
the most desired prize
You are sugar on my tongue
the song yet to be sung
You are the feeling I hold close to my chest
the one I hold above the rest
You are a warm embrace
the one I won’t erase
You are the fire in my veins
the cure for all my pains
You are the comfort of home
the reason I’m not alone
You are the blissful silence
the most addicting presence


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