You Are the Star in the Night

“When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

You shine. You’re the star in the dark night. You’re a miracle sent from heaven.

You’re strong. 

I admire you for that. You are strong. I always wanted to be as strong as you. I always wanted to be able to handle my emotions as well as you. You’re not a bitch. You are strong. Honestly your personality amazes me. How can someone have been through so much, yet still be so amazing? 

You’re there for me. Honestly you’re always there for me. I wish I could be there for you as much as you’re there for me. I’m going to try. We live so far away, and I miss you so much. I never know how to help you though. 

You are beautiful, courageous, caring, creative, inventive, sassy, smart, and I love how you can stand up for yourself. You aren’t timid. I admire you. The fact that you would stand up for me, is amazing. You’re amazing. I’m so glad I know you.

So Emmie, thank you for being the greatest, 


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