It’s not fair..

Why? Why do people get sick? Why do they get sick and die? It’s not fair. It’s not fair to the family. It’s not fair to the person. It’s just not fair. And I don’t want to hear that crap that everything happens for a reason. This man.. He means the world to his family and now they’re losing him? How does that have a reason? How is that even right? He won’t see his son get married.. either of them. He won’t be there to support him at his soccer games, or graduation. He’ll miss some of the most important parts of his kids life. How is that fair? How can someone just be okay with this? Why? How can someone just.. get over that? How could you look at your kids and tell them daddy won’t be around much longer, even if they knew he was sick? How could you handle that? How could you.. Not break? Not be angry? Not wonder how anything like this is right, fair.. sane.. It’s just. It’s just not fair. Not to anyone.


~ Emerald

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