Confusion in thoughts and feelings


Why do things like this happen?
Why is it so sudden?
Without any warning or sign.
We’re left without any answers.
And that someone else is next in line.
It’s not fair that one has to go so soon.
So sudden.
I can’t deal with this pain.
I’m not strong enough
The anger that i feel is all bottled up
I have no way to let it all out.
So help me, escape my feelings
Help me escape my thoughts.
Of confusion, anger sadness in my heart.
Death has a grip on me.
And I don’t understand.
But nothing gets me so angry. So I squeeze my hands
Together in fists of rage.
But I don’t want this to hold me down
I won’t let death keep me down
But like a fish out of water
I can’t breath when I think of it
Is this why some become hermits?

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