I can’t do it..

I can’t do it anymore.. I can’t take this much longer. All I feel anymore is that empty space where you should be. That space where I want you to be. But you’re not there. You can’t be there.. I wish you could be.. I need you right now.. I need you to take that empty space away. To make me feel something.. Because I don’t think I can go much longer without you. I’m breaking.. I’m losing my grip.. I need your help. So where are you? Why aren’t you around? Can’t you feel my need for you? Do you feel that emptiness too? Or are you living life, perfectly normal, with no pain? No empty space? I don’t think I could take that.. That you might be okay without me while I’m over here losing myself without you.. That thought hurts to much.. Why won’t you come find me? Why are you so far away? Do you have someone else? Are you happy with someone else? That thought kills me.. Do you like her? Love her even? Do you want to be with her forever? I hope not.. I don’t think I could handle that.. Please come find me.. I need you.. Please..

~ Emerald

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