Do You Believe in Miracles?

You got me up from down
Faith has shattered my doubts
I believe in miracles

Do you believe in miracles? No? Well I do. Sometimes you don’t realize right away what a miracle is. It could be as simple as something happening at just the right moment. It doesn’t have to be someone coming alive again after being dead.

My miracles I’ve experienced and realized that I’ve experienced are really quite amazing when you think about it. I took them for granted at first, but without some of these happening, I may not be here today.

My first miracle was when I was around ten or eleven years old. I’d had major hip issues and had surgery on it twice. I was born with a dislocated hip that they missed, so it didn’t grow right. For quite a few years of my life I was unable to walk because I was in a full body cast. You know the age when most kids are starting to crawl and take their first steps? Yeah I was left behind in that, but even though I was in a full body cast, it didn’t stop me from trying to crawl around or pull myself up onto my feet. Most kids could sit in the grocery cart seats. I couldn’t.  I had a metal bar in between my legs keeping them open. It was awful. No one wanted to babysit me because I was such a trouble with my body cast. People told my mother that she couldn’t leave me in the nursery because I was too much for them to take care of. I was told that when I was sixteen I was going to have to have another surgery on my hip. It still wasn’t growing right. I had to see a doctor two hours away every couple of months. I honestly feel bad for all the trouble my parents had to go through for me.

When I was ten I had three goals, soccer, dancing, and ski racing, they were my life. Having another surgery on my hip could stop me from doing those sports.  I was really worried because they had said that I had to have another surgery or else I may not be able to walk properly when I was older. My mom suggested we pray about it. My entire church prayed for me a couple Sundays in a row.  Two or three months later I went to my doctor again.

“Come here! Come look at this!”

I remember being terrified as they called my mom in.

“Her hip is in the right place. Its growing correctly!”

In the end they said I only had to come back once a year. Then it was two years. Now, I don’t have to go back. I’m sixteen, and my hips are fine. They pop and crack because I’m growing, but they’re normally sized, I walk fine, I can still ski and play soccer.

That was my first miracle, now for my second. This is something I remember pretty well because it happened nine months ago, not a couple years like with my hip. I had been going through a pretty hard time in my life. I was with (or getting left by) a mentally abusive guy who was making it as painful as possible for me. It was New Years Eve, I hated myself. I hated my life. I hated him. I didn’t think I was worth it. I didn’t want to be alive.

Then I met someone. Someone so perfectly amazing, and so perfectly annoying. Why so annoying? Because he kept bothering me and bothering me. How do you work this camera? What’s aperture? What’s your name? Do you snowboard?

Yeah, so he was annoying.. But he was bouncing around so full of joy. He was taking an interest in me. He made such an effort to talk to me and I couldn’t figure out why, but I wanted to find out. That night I decided I would stop cutting. I contribute that decision to meeting him.

The next day he talked to me again, and then every day after that. We started texting, he would call me at night and play piano to help me fall asleep. We weren’t an item, and I don’t think we ever will be. He’s older and I dated his younger brother so I don’t think we will ever want to be together.

But, he will always be my best friend. He was my miracle. Right when I thought no one loved me, cared for me, liked me, or even wanted to bother with me… He showed me a whole new world. (Aladdin reference!) He honestly did though, he forces me to be optimistic, and he changed my view on life. I can call him whenever I want, even if he’s in class. He’s like my older brother and I’m so glad he came into my life. At the perfect time, isn’t that a miracle? My life is so much better since I met him.

My final miracle (that I’ve noticed) was the amazing people I met at camp. They saved me too. I was at the lower parts of my life when bam. An amazing cabin of girls who picked me up off the ground. Normally a cabin has eight girls, and I don’t usually get along with girls at all. Our cabin had eleven, and I love every single one of them. They came into my life and they’re there to stay. If I ever need something I can call one of them for help. They’ll always be there, and I couldn’t be more thankful. They showed me I can get along with girls, and they showed me that I don’t need boys to be happy.

So even if you think it’s stupid, I do believe in miracles. What are the chances of these things happening at the perfect time?


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