Good to be home?

Yesterday night I came home from being away for a week. I didn’t really know what to expect but I didn’t think I’d get ignored quite as much as I did.. I at least expected a hug or two. But no one hugged me as I came through the door. And as I sat there no one really talked to me. I know that I wanted to go.. I know that I like it there a lot more then here.. But how did I end up being almost erased from my own family? When I left I didn’t feel this.. unwanted. Maybe it’s because there everyone listens to me, they care, they want my opinion and I got to used to it. I ended up liking it too much and now it’s smacking me in face. But either way I don’t like this.. I don’t want to be here now.. I’m obviously not missed anyway so why can’t I just stay there? Why do I have to be here?

~ Emerald

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