A Certain Kind of Madness

Again, the false affection.
Again, we break down inside.
Love save the empty.
Love save the empty, and save me.

It has to be a certain kind of madness for me to still care about you.

Don’t you know you’re the start if it all?

You broke me down. You told me I was lucky to love you, that you allowed it.

How could I have been so stupid?

Don’t you know you mentally abused me? I almost wish it was physical. Maybe I wouldn’t feel so worthless. I could have fought back. I was almost as strong as you, I know self defense…

But I don’t know how to defend myself against words. Especially when made to think they’re true.

Ugly, weird, annoying, worthless, unfit. You hated my hair. You hated my stomach. My butt wasn’t good enough. My voice hurt your ears.

Why did I allow it to go on?

Oh yeah, because I loved you.

And now I’m empty.

Love save the empty.


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