Is it out there?

Sometimes I sit down and wonder if love still exists. It seems that no one can stay together anymore. And they all claim it’s because it just “doesn’t work” anymore. But how can they just give up? If they still love each other how can they just walk away? Which brings me back to this, Does love even exist anymore? And if it does where is it? Sometimes all I can do is hope it does, because if it doesn’t.. Well then I don’t see much hope for any of us. What kind of world would this turn into if love just stopped existing? What would we fight for anymore? What would we hope for? What would we dream about? What would happen to us all? I don’t know the answers to these questions, I wish I did but I don’t, but all I know is I have to hope there’s love out there. I have to believe that somewhere out there, there is love.. Somewhere, someday..

~ Emerald

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